For 2018, the Oklahoma Conference's leadership will use a digital calendar exclusively, rather than a printed one, to track meetings and events planned by the various Conference groups.
View the Conference calendar at
For people who prefer printed calendars, a useful option is the United Methodist Program Calendar, produced by United Methodist Communications (UMCom), the denomination’s media agency. Wall calendars, desk blotters, pocket calendars, and other printed versions are offered. To order, visit this web page.
Meetings and events sometimes get rescheduled; new meetings and events emerge. A digital calendar easily can accommodate those changes. And hyperlinks in the digital calendar leads viewers to more details and action instructions.
Moving to an online-only Oklahoma Conference calendar will save about $6,000 annually on printing and mailing, according to Annual Conference Council staff. An ACC survey showed:  1) fewer officers using the printed Conference calendar, relying instead on email for meeting updates; and 2) low interest in purchasing printed Conference calendars.

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