Oklahomans in the Holy Land

This January, 40 United Methodist clergy, spouses, and conference staff, including Bishop Jimmy Nunn, traveled from Oklahoma to Palestine and Israel to journey through the Holy Land.


Connectional Opportunities now called Mission and Ministry

This collection of ministries, formerly Connectional Opportunities, has a new and more accurate name: Mission and Ministry.


Monday Meals Ministry more than the sum of its parts

The first time the doors opened in April 2018, the church expected 10-20 people for breakfast; instead, around 40 people showed up. Today, the average is 80, though attendance can be as high as 114 people.


Apportionment payouts for 2018

In an effort to improve financial transparency, the Contact will begin to publish both Apportionment giving and Mission and Ministry–formerly known as Connectional Opportunities–giving by church each quarter starting in April. The data will come from the Council on Finance and Administration and the total for each church will be published as a percentage. Total conference apportionment payout for 2018 are also available for each church. Click here to view or download the data for 2018.


Mission and Ministry: Camps and Conference Programming

Three campsites around the state provide a beautiful and unique setting in which campers and adults can hear God’s voice and answer His call. Camping Ministry strives to make and strengthen disciples for ministry, service, and leadership in their local church.


OKUMC Briefs and Events


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Raising indigenous voices through DC march
Conference Announcements
Confirmation Camp heads to Canyon Camp

District trainings prepare lay leaders to engage in ministry


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